Trailer for Amina: A Must Watch Nigerian Historical Movie

trailer for amina a must watch n - Trailer for Amina: A Must Watch Nigerian Historical Movie

With over two years of intense production and research, “Amina”, a Nigerian historical film is set to make its debut with

this must-watch trailer. The movie boast of an impressive cast of Lucy Ameh, Clarion Chukwura and Ali Nuhu.

Okechukwu Ogunjiofor (Living in Bondage) and Izu Ojukwu both sit in the producer and director’s chair respectively.

The film is an adaptation based on the life of Queen Amina of Zazzau as “She dares to defy inequality“.


“Amina was an Hausa Muslim Warrior Queen of Zazzau (now Zaria), in what is now north west Nigeria. She is the

subject of many legends, but is believed by historians to have been a real ruler.”

Source: Wikipedia


You can watch the trailer above.


Synopsis for Amina

“From a warrior- princess to supreme military commander, from sorrowful lover to crafty politician; Amina must

suppress natural feminine emotions in order to accomplish the impossible, attain the unattainable and ultimately

convince the skeptical empire of her ability to make true Zazzau’s long cherished dreams of dominance over all of the

sub-Sahara. Pitted without, against panicked kings and Sarkis of neighboring vassal states, and within; Zazzau’s

ambitious war generals, princes, politicians, and the sinister all powerful Madawaki or minister of war whose hunger

for the throne of Zazzau is equaled only by his lust for its lovely occupant; Amina must play statesman and military

strategist, harlot and queen, ruthless executioner and gentle mother to Zazzau’s oppressed millions to achieve her goal

of creating a better Zazzau, a more humane, civilized Zazzau standing on the foundations of modern-day

governmental  structures.”

Source: Bellanaija

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