Daniel Craig’s James Bond Ranked from Best to Worst

daniel craig as james bond

How many times have we seen that tall lanky British dude walk across the camera?


And how many times has he left us without a bullet directed towards us?

Yes, you know who I’m talking about.

His name is Bond, James Bond.

The older generation are quite familiar with Pierce Brosnan tenure as the British secret agent which was

characterized by over the top action, unbelievable fight stunts and invisible cars (Don’t blame me, I loved Die Another


Then in 2006, 007 long time producers Barbara Brocolli and Michael G Wilson decided to reboot the franchise

with Daniel Craig. This time, they dished the campy Bond action of the Brosnan era and went for a far more realistic

grittier tone.

The result was a better box office returns and reviews that ranged from moderately to extremely positive.

But after four films, Craig decided “It was better to slash his wrists than take up the role of Bond again”

Nonetheless, with constant persuasion, the actor returned again for one last outing as the suave British agent in

Bond 25 slated for a 2019 release.

With the countdown set to begin we look as Daniel Craig’s Bond films, again. From best to worst!

1. Casino Royale:

Daniel Craig’s first outing as Bond is still regarded as his best due to how the character was invented with realistic

action pieces: remember that pursuit on the crane. It also ignored many familiar tropes associated with previous

James Bond films and offered a fresh take on the character.


After receiving a license to kill, British Secret Service agent James Bond (Daniel Craig) heads to Madagascar,

where he uncovers a link to Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen), a man who finances terrorist organizations.

Learning that Le Chiffre plans to raise money in a high-stakes poker game, MI6 sends Bond to play against him,

gambling that their newest “00” operative will topple the man’s organization.


james bond casino royale poster
Casino Royale Poster
Image Source: 007 dossier


2. Skyfall:

Skyfall was more of a personal revenge story for Craig’s Bond that took a peep into the character’s origins.

It is also has the highest box office gross for any James Bond film (1.1 billion dollars), benefiting from a sound track

from Adele and released on the 50th anniversary of Bond. Skyfall was praised for its cinematography and the

performance of its cast.


When James Bond’s (Daniel Craig) latest assignment goes terribly wrong,  it leads to a calamitous turn of events:

Undercover agents around the world are exposed, and MI6 is attacked, forcing M (Judi Dench) to relocate the agency.

With MI6 now compromised inside and out, M turns to the one man she can trust: Bond. Aided only by a field agent

(Naomie Harris), Bond takes to the shadowsand follows a trail to Silva (Javier Bardem), a man from M’s past who wants

to settle an old score.

james bond skyfall poster
Skyfall Film poster
Image source: ebay


3. Quantum of Solace:

A proper alternative title would be “Bond on a revenge mission”. Bond goes after the murderers of his lover vesper

Lynd in this one. Though it pales to the above two in terms in terms of performance and story line, QoS still had

enough action scenes to keep you glued to the edge of your seats.So much that it was given the title of the “Most

violent James Bond film”. It also has the shortest run time for a 007 film.


Following the death of Vesper Lynd, James Bond (Daniel Craig) makes his next mission personal.

The hunt for those who blackmailed his lover leads him to ruthless businessman Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric),

a key player in the organization which coerced Vesper. Bond learns that Greene is plotting to gain total control of a vital

natural resource, and he must navigate a minefield of danger and treachery to foil the plan.

james bond quantum of solace poster
Quantum of Solace
Image Credits: Deviant art

4. Spectre:

For this entry, the producers decided they couldn’t let another 3 years go without releasing a bond film and it resulted

in a feature which a popular critic called “Bond by the numbers”. Its purpose was to fill in the gaps and didn’t feature

any ground breaking feature for the franchise as a whole. And before I forget, it was after this movie, Daniel Craig

wanted to slash his wrists.


A cryptic message from the past leads James Bond (Daniel Craig) to Mexico City and Rome,  where he meets the

beautiful widow (Monica Bellucci) of an infamous criminal. After infiltrating a secret meeting,  007 uncovers the

existence of the sinister organization SPECTRE. Needing the help of the daughter of an old nemesis,  he embarks on a

mission to find her. As Bond ventures toward the heart of SPECTRE, he discovers a chilling connection  between himself

and the enemy (Christoph Waltz) he seeks.

james bond spectre poster
Spectre film poster
Image Credit: bond life style



With the next untitled James Bond film slated for a 2019 release, we’ll update this post to see where it stands among the rest.





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